Youth Programs

KIDZ BLAST K-5th grade  

We are starting a new Children’s Ministry called: KIDZ BLAST for kids in K-5th grade.  It’s gonna be a fast paced, exciting new time for the kids.  It all starts at 10:00 with the kids having a time of singing together for 20 minutes.  After that, they will split off into two groups, one group the K-2nd graders will remain in Room #1 for lesson time while the 3rd-5th graders will move over to Room #3 for their lesson time.  The lesson will last no more than 15 minutes.  When the lesson in finished the kids will all head to Room #5 for craft time which will last 15 minutes.  When the finish their crafts they all will head back to Room #1 to sing a final song and pray.  

At 11:00-12:00 the kids will then head to Sunday Funday which will consist of different events with the teens and college kids of our church headed up by Preacher Paul.  We will do things like, Pool Parties, Movie Sunday’s, Mascot Hall of Fame and many other events with your kids.  The teens and college kids will be mentoring your little.    This all begins July 7 at 10:00

We have over 30 members of our church teaching and helping lead your children to a better relationship with Jesus and also have some fun in the process.  Come and See the exciting things happening for kids at New Life Christian Church.

XTREME Teens had a great run:

We ended the XTREME program until we finish building our new church.  Once we open we will restart XTREME, new name will be XTREME Overtime.    

XTREME Overtime which will meet after football games from 9:00pm-11:00pm at the church.  Our new gym will have basketball and other games.  Also in the teen room which will meet upstairs will have arcade games, pool, Table tennis and a space to hangout.

When the new church opens we will also have after school programs for teens to come between 3:00-5:30 for open gym, to hangout, so some homework, whatever, Monday through Friday.

We are hoping the new church will be built by the end of 2019.  We will let the world know when we are having our grand opening.  Keep watching for new information.

We will be hosting 3 on 3 tourney’s and Volleyball tourneys throughout the year.  As well as Bags tourneys.